The launch of Safa Company's " Muhkam "strategy

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In pursuit of leadership, we have launched Safa Investment's "Muhkam" strategy as part of the internal transformation and development plan to achieve economic and developmental goals aligned with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, extending towards establishing an investment entity on a solid strategic basis.

Safa Investment's 2025 strategy, "Muhkam," has been outlined, and the company has commenced its implementation. It aims to: increase real estate offerings in various regions, provide residential solutions with developed services and infrastructure, and build capabilities that assess customer needs and enhance their positive impressions of Safa Investment.

Safa's CEO, Mr. Moath bin Ahmad Al-Zaid, emphasized that keeping pace with the Kingdom's vision and its ambitious programs can only be achieved by adopting the methodology outlined in the vision and its programs, through setting targets and building performance indicators.

As part of Safa's commitment to active private sector participation in our nation's development, achievement of its aspirations, business governance, and enhancing oversight and output efficiency, Safa has developed the "Muhkam" strategic investment plan according to advanced methodologies in strategic planning.

The strategy embraces four pillars encapsulated in the word "Muhkam": advanced products and experiences, a wide market size, operational efficiency, and brand reliability.

The strategy entails: 34 performance indicators, 19 initiatives, 14 benchmarks, and 30 meetings.