Safa Investments Launches New Awareness Campaign: "Don't Rent" Without Verification

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Safa Investments has recently unveiled its latest awareness campaign under the slogan "Don't Rent" unless documented and verified. The company aims to raise awareness and contribute to curbing rental fraud operations.

The "Don't Rent" campaign is an extension of efforts to raise awareness about rental fraud schemes. Safa Investments emphasizes caution when dealing with unlicensed individuals who claim to be brokers, real estate agencies, or property owners to avoid falling victim to scams and transferring funds to unknown individuals.

Here are some of the most common rental fraud methods:

  1. Advertising rental properties at attractive prices on online platforms.
  2. Listing multiple fake units and falsely claiming scarcity of availability.
  3. Urging renters to confirm reservations by transferring deposits to personal accounts.

How to Protect Yourself:

  • Verify the unit and the broker's credentials:
  • Ensure that the broker is licensed, whether an individual or an agency.
  • Confirm that the rental unit has a valid real estate advertising license.
  • Verify the accuracy of the broker's information and advertising license.
  • Ensure the rental price is reasonable by checking the rental index on the "Ejar" platform.
  • Make payments through the electronic payment channels provided by the "Ejar" online network after documenting the electronic contract.
  • Safa Investments urges renters to remain vigilant and follow these precautions to safeguard against rental fraud. By taking proactive measures, individuals can protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent schemes in the rental market.